5 Best Canadian Rockies Adventures

5 Best Canadian Rockies Adventures

5 Best Canadian Rockies Adventures

Canadian Rockies adventures, like the world itself, are varied and diverse. In common with each is the ability to offer a unique vantage point in which to soak in the majestic mountain habitat.  At times, a lakeside stroll, on your own, is ideal. The natural wonder of the landscape breathed in and enjoyed at your own pace, and in your own way. At other times, having an expert alongside offers evolutionary insights and interpretations, truly making Canadian Rockies adventure experience so much more. Whether led by a raft guide, climbing guide, bike or tour guide, the best Canadian Rockies adventures involve those that share their knowledge and expertise.

For your next visit, consider the following 5 best Canadian Rockies adventures:

1. Canadian Rockies By Bicycle

Cycling between Banff and Jasper, rather than driving, is one of the most active ways to experience the mountains. With fresh air in abundance, and guides leading the charge, cyclists wind past towering peaks, glistening glaciers and turquoise-hued rivers. Traveling by bicycle offers the chance to appreciate the 360-degree geography, and to marvel, slowly, at the never-ending natural features. Guided cycling tours using the inn-to-inn approach allow for outdoor exertion by day and creature comforts by night.  This is surely a great activity to add to your Canadian Rockies adventures bucket list.


2. Canadian Rockies By Raft

Canadian Rockies Adventure Canadian Rockies rafting, on the famous Kicking Horse River, offers the ultimate exhilarating adventure on the biggest whitewater in the region. Rafting enthusiasts looking for the maximum whitewater experience need look no further than Wild Water Adventure’s Multi-Trip package. With a crew of highly experienced, international rafting professionals (because not every guide can raft the Kicking Horse!), rafters enjoy not one, but TWO, fantastically amazing river trips.

This rafting package is second to none for big waves, fun rapids and unsurpassed rafting value. Trip #1 is the full-length Tradition, combining everything from Class 1 to Class 4+ waves and rapids. A delicious BBQ lunch is served back at the RiverBase afterward. Trip #2 cuts right to the big whitewater action for which the Kicking Horse is famous. The Kicking Horse River rafting Multi-Trip package is the ideal way to maximize the ‘kick’ in Canadian Rockies rafting.


3. Canadian Rockies By Ropes and Harnesses

Canadian Rockies Adventure  The view from the top of a mountain is laden with superlatives: stunning, breathtaking, awesome, spectacular. The only way to get to the top of a mountain, and enjoy the view, is to climb it. Unless your best friend is an experienced mountaineer, it is best to turn to the experts to get you up, and back down, the mountain safely.  Yamnuska Mountain Adventures are the experts for all things related to moving about a mountain.

Mountaineering courses in the Canadian Rockies (the full on we’re-going-to-the-top multi-day programs) are offered as well as guided hiking tours, and rock- and ice-climbing lessons and sessions. Yamnuska has it all with a year-round roster suitable both for those on family holidays and those keen to improve their mountaineering skills. After 40 years in operation, no one can dispute their knowledge of the Rockies!


4. Canadian Rockies By Snow Boot

Canadian Rockies Adventure  Rafting, cycling and hiking are, obviously, warm-weather Rocky Mountain pursuits. The cold-weather season, however, offers just as many outdoor adventure options. In the winter, Maligne Canyon, near Jasper, transforms into a wonderland of ice.

Frozen waterfalls, ice caves and stunningly beautiful ice formations are examined on this 3km riverbed stroll. This is the deepest accessible canyon in Jasper National Park, and visitors will be expertly led by knowledgeable and safety-conscious guides. Snow boots and ice cleats included!


5. Canadian Rockies Adventure Tours

When on a Canadian Rockies adventure holiday, sometimes it is nice to simply pack your bag, sit back and let someone else take care of all the planning and logistics. Fully escorted tours are popular with all ages and abilities and bring guests together with a vast variety of guides, interpreters and natural history experts.

Guided holiday itineraries take in the highlights that everyone wants to see, with the added bonus of not having to wait too long in line! Certain Rocky Mountain tours include other regions as well (such as Vancouver and the Coast Mountains), offering the chance to see more territory … and more mountains.

Things to do in the Canadian Rockies all involve adventure of some type. Be sure to choose an activity with kind, courteous, professional and fun-loving guides (like those on the Wild Water Adventure’s crew!). It’s your holiday, after all … make it the best it possibly can be.


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5 Best Canadian Rockies Adventures


See you on the river!


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