Best Rafting In Canada – Top 5 Rivers

Best Whitewater Rafting In Canada

Best Rafting In Canada – Top 5 Rivers

The vast wilderness for which Canada is famous revolves around the river.  Across the great Canadian landscape, ever-shifting ribbons of water carve out valleys and meander across plains. Mighty rivers,  such as the St. Lawrence, Mackenzie and Fraser, define our country’s regions and shape a character that is uniquely Canadian. It is lifeblood, carrying and delivering nutrients, nourishment, and life throughout the heart of any habitat while also providing some of the best rafting in Canada.

Rivers, like people, have character and personality; traits that are particular, or peculiar. One river may be gentle and mild, another tough and temperamental. No two rivers, or sections of the river, are alike. Each is individual and exceptional and worthy of exploration.

We here at Wild Water Adventures offer the biggest white water rafting near Banff. What we love best is to gear up for waves, rapids and at times, unforgiving holes.  The bigger the wave, the better.  Other outfitters think the same way, too. From our perspective, here are some of the best whitewater rivers found within our Canadian borders.

  1. Ottawa River

Rafting Trips In CanadaRunning alongside the nation’s capital, the Ottawa River offers one of the best whitewater runs east of the Rocky Mountains. Wilderness Tours has been around for over 40 years and definitely knows how to provide a top-notch, warm river experience.  Did we mention that no wetsuits are required for rafting the Ottawa?  Wild Water Adventures’ very own Ted Bilton started his guiding career on the Ottawa River.  That, in itself, says tons.

  1. Kicking Horse River

Whitewater Rafting In CanadaFrom melting snow and glacial ice near the Continental Divide, the Kicking Horse River drops a whopping 2,600 feet over its 50-mile course.  That’s means a drop of 52 feet for every mile of distance. That’s why Wild Water Adventures rafts the Kicking Horse … because it has the best rafting in Canada!

  1. Chilcotin River

The central interior of British Columbia boasts not only turquoise-hued whitewater rivers but stunning desert scenery. The Chilcotin is a beauty for all sorts of reasons, and Big Canyon Rafting knows how to experience the river in grand style.  P.S. I can’t wait to return to this river!

  1. Jacques-Cartier River

The eastern province of Quebec is home to a fun-filled collection of whitewater rivers, with the Jacques-Cartier topping the list. Class 3 to Class 4 rapids make this day trip ‘as sweet as maple syrup’!  Check out Jacques Cartier Rafting for half-day whitewater fun.

  1. Tatshenshini River

Canada Whitewater RaftingWhile fast and furious white water day trips are the focus here at Wild Water Adventures, one can never underestimate the power of a multi-day wilderness rafting expedition. It is hard to rival 12 days in the Canadian wilderness, far away from hustle, bustle and noise. Without doubt, the some of the best multi-day rafting in Canada is with Canadian River Expeditions / Nahanni Expeditions.  My rafting career, after all, began with CRE many years ago.  Their 12-day Tatshenshini trip takes the cake.

Where Should I Raft?

Whether rafting for one day or 12, the fine art of river travel is yours to experience.  Call us at 1-888-647-6444 to experience for yourself the true ’kick’ of the Kicking Horse River with Wild Water Adventures.


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