Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the South Coast of South Africa in a town called Knysna.


Where is home for you now?

Currently I move between Queenstown, New Zealand and South Africa.


What’s your favourite river?

My favourite river to raft/kayak would be the Zambezi. It runs between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.


How many years have you been a rafting guide?

I started rafting in 2014. It was meant to be a summer break from real life and here we are 4 years later…


What river are you itching to get on?

A river I would love to see would be the Futaleufu in Chile.


When you’re not on the Kicking Horse River, where else can you be found this summer?

When I’m not on the river you’ll find me in the mountains, running, biking or climbing.