Where did you grow up?

I was raised in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and spit out of the Cape Fear River’s mouth into an  international travel life. I have no fixed address.


Where is home for you now?

My Australian fiancee and I are traveling between hemispheres and around the world seasonally. We spend winters on the opposite hemisphere so i haven’t seen one in years.


What is your favourite river?

My favorite river is pretty usually the one that I am on any given day. That’s the one that is real and present.


Do you have a special river ritual?

I always take one piece of litter out of the river or from the river bank. I believe the respect is due to the river. At best it brings me luck at worst it aligns my focus and ethics with the journey down stream.


What river are you itching to get on?

I am itching to get on the Zambezi! I began rafting on the Nile in Uganda and African white water still calls to me.