Where did you grow up?

San Gil Santander Colombia


How many years have you been a rafting guide?

20 years, I started in 1996 in San Gil Santander, Colombia.


What do you like most about the Kicking Horse River?

Every day there is something new to learn, and it’s one of the best rivers in Canada to do white water rafting on.


What is your favourite river you’ve rafted on?

Futaleufu, Chile; the river has some majestic landscapes. It’s recognized worldwide as a white water destination.  I’m very proud to have worked on such a magnificent river.


Do you have a special river tradition you do before heading out on the river?

I ask permission from the river before running it. That gives me a better connection with Mother Nature.


What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

I have been in the Chilliwack fire department for the last 2 years.