Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Canada. Which has a big whitewater community where I learned how to paddle on the beautiful Ottawa River near me.


Where is home for you now?

My summers are spent living by the Kicking Horse River, near the town of Golden BC. A fantastic place to explore the outdoors. My winters are spent only 1.5 hours West in a town called Revelstoke BC.


What’s your favourite river?

As for which river is my favourite, I’ve been on over 36 rivers in Canada, and the Kicking Horse River wins gold medal in my books everytime. It’s hard to find a river with this many continuous rapids that are just too enjoyable. It’s not about the toughest river, but one where you feel excited and safe.


How many years have you been a rafting guide?

I’ve done 7 seasons of whitewater rafting, and this year will mark season number 8. Before I was a guide, I would canoe and swim rapids as a kid in the rivers of Ontario. My future has many more years of playing in the rivers of Canada.


How do you spend your winters?

During my winter, my days are spent as a backcountry snowmobile guide. Taking people to powdery wonderlands to play in the snow. An amazing way to get the most of the snowy months during winter.


When you’re not on the Kicking Horse River, where else can you be found this summer?
When I’m not paddling down the river during the summer, I like to bike the many trails around Golden BC. Aside from being super fun to do, it’s a nice to give my legs a bit of a workout.