Larissa - Wild Water Staff Photo


Where are you from?
I’m originally from the Niagara Falls area in Ontario, but I’ve spent the last several years in many different countries, provinces, and states!

When did you join the Wild Water crew?
This will be my first year, and I’m really excited to see what this year brings!

What do you enjoy about working in tourism?
I love working with people that enjoy the same adventurous things as I do. It makes work so much more enjoyable when everyone is having a great time.

What’s your favourite rapid on the Kicking Horse River?
Never even seen the river before!

What do you like doing outside of work?
I love to travel in my self-converted campervan with my adventure cat. Hiking and camping in every
place along the way. Swimming in every body of water I find and reading all the books. As long as I’m
outdoors I’m a happy gal.

What’s on your bucket list that you have yet to cross off?
Trick question, because my bucket list is only ever getting larger! But I’m really looking forward to seeing
the aurora borealis in the near future. It’s something I’ve wanted to see since I first watched it in a
nature documentary at 10 years old. Yes, I was that nerdy as a kid!