Where did you grow up?

Ottawa, Ontario


Where is home for you now?

Golden, British Columbia


What’s your favourite river?

Kicking Horse River


How do you spend your winters?

During the winter months I work at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort working as a Ski Patroller and Bartending at the local pub, The Golden Taps. On my days off I like to go ski touring and snowmobiling.


What attracted you to the sport of whitewater rafting?

I love water! When I was a kid you couldn’t get me out the pool or lake…or ocean. Before working on the Kicking Horse, I was out on the Pacific Ocean working as a kayak guide. If you’ve never been sea kayaking I recommend you put it on your bucket list.


When you’re not on the Kicking Horse River, where else can you be found this summer?

When I first moved to Golden, BC it was all about winter, but after living here almost 10 years now, the summers have really grown on me. I love cross country biking (there are trails that start right at my front door) or downhill biking at Kicking Horse Mountain resort, floating down the Columbia River or kayaking on the Kicking Horse and last but not least, packing up the truck and going camping.