Where did you grow up?
A small farming town in southern Ontario called “Beachville”- there is no beach there.

Where is home for you now?
Wherever my tiny home takes me!

What’s your favourite river?
I have a hard time with this question since every river is so different. But gun to my head I’d say the kicking horse since it’s wild and free-flowing, fast, and continuous

When you’re not on the Kicking Horse River, where else can you be found this summer?
If I’m not working, I’m out climbing, biking or fixing up my trailer house!

What river are you itching to get on?
I’d be really keen to get out onto the Salmon River in Idaho, USA.

Do you have a special river ritual?
Every river I paddle for the first time I offer it tobacco in exchange for safe passage!

How many years have you been a rafting guide?
I have been a guide 4 years now.

What attracted you to the sport of whitewater rafting?
I went rafting with 20 friends in Ottawa and was immediately hooked. I left my plumbing apprenticeship behind and went to rafting school!

How do you spend your winters?
My winters are usually spent in South America drinking wine and climbing for a few months and by February head home to make a little money before rafting again.

What’s your favourite rapid on the Kicking Horse River?
Of course Portage and Shotgun are great but my favourite has to be Hopi’s Hole for the reason that it’s the first major rapid the guests get to see, often making for wide eye reactions to its sound, size and splashes!