Where did you grow up?

I am from Quebec City, in the province of Quebec. I grew up here with my older brother Maxime, he is 3 years older than me. We use to have a chalet near Rivière-du-Loup on the side of the St-Lawrence river.


Where is home for you now?

I still live in Quebec city even though I often travel during the winter to go ski in British Columbia.


Favourite river?

The Jacques-Cartier river in Quebec is my favourite river because you can do so many different whitewater activities on it (rafting, kayaking, riverboarding ). You can have a family trip on a raft with very few efforts, just floating down or you can go to the upper section few miles away and paddle down some technical class 3-4 rapids in a kayak. It offers many different options with all those sections of the river, some steep where it forms rapids, some larger with many different surfing waves (kayak, riverboard).


When you’re not on the Kicking Horse River, where else can you be found this summer?

Hiking around in the mountains or just jogging in the different trails.


What river are you itching to get on ?

I would love to paddle the Squamish River in BC. You can see it when you are driving back from Whistler to Squamish on your right hand side.


Do you have a special river ritual ?

Not really, but I always double touch the water before I go in.


How many years have you been a rafting guide?

I started rafting in 2016, I didn’t do a full season that summer but I really enjoyed it, since then I’ve been trying to do more every summer.


How I spend my winters?

Skiing all over British Columbia, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Revy, Whistler … I am getting more and more into backcountry skiing, it is hard work but you earn you turns!