Tye - Guide


Where are you from?

Charlie Lake, BC


How long have you been guiding? Where have you guided?

I started guiding in 2019 on the Slocan River in Nelson, B.C. Since then, I’ve guided trips on the Colorado river in the U.S, Nanaimo and Cowichan rivers on Vancouver Island, Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser rivers in northern B.C, the Karnali river in Nepal. And of course, the beautiful Kicking Horse River.


What do you love about guiding?

I love being out on the water on hot summer days, telling bad jokes, and meeting new friends every day.


What’s your favourite rapid on the Kicking Horse River?

Roller Coaster


What’s on your bucket list that you have left to cross off?

I want to spend a year guiding in New Zealand.