Guide - Will


Where did you grow up?
Montréal, Québec


Where is home for you now?
Next to whichever exciting river I can park my campervan beside to go boating. Right bext to the mighty Kicking Horse for the time being.


What river are you itching to get on?
The Kaituna! Way down in New Zealand, there is warm water and a majestic seven-meter waterfall I can kayak or even raft off of!


Do you have a special river ritual?
I never forget to bring a towel!


How many years have you been a raft guide?
I’ve rafted seven seasons so far and for some reason, I keep coming back for more.


What attracted you to the sport of whitewater rafting?
The unmatched excitement of running rapids, the strong community of paddlers, the amount of different places around the world to see, and so much more.


How do you spend your winters?
In hibernation watching kayaking videos until spring.


What’s your favourite rapid on the Kicking Horse River?
It has to be Goat Ridge Rapid because you often see those charming and scruffy mountain goats standing on the steep cliffs beside.