Adventure Float Trip – Coming 2023

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Adventure Float Trip – Coming 2023

Coming in 2023! While this trip ia not able to be booked for summer 2022, we are excited to offer a new relaxing adventure for 2023.

Kicking Horse River rafting options typically involve whitewater. BIG whitewater! Not everyone, however, is looking for big wave action. Some guests wish to enjoy the peacefulness of the river and slowly breathe in the Rocky Mountain magic … without getting totally soaked! 

Wild Water Adventures looks forward to adding a new style of Kicking Horse river rafting to our roster: the Adventure Float. Guests enjoy a relaxing, afternoon experience while the afternoon magic light settles over the peaks and valley. It is the fine art of river travel at its finest.  

River Floating Trip - Golden, BC

With little to no whitewater (depending upon water levels), guests sit back and not worry about getting splashed. For this reason, it is the perfect opportunity to bring along a camera (at your own risk) and capture some memorable images from an on-river perspective. Maybe some form of wildlife will appear. Perhaps a bear, wolf or cougar.  

When are Adventure Float Departures Offered? 

Select departures are offered in July and August, on Monday and Friday afternoons. Check in time at the RiverBase is 1:45PM. As with any Kicking Horse River rafting trip, guests change into provided gear (wetsuits, neoprene booties, spray jackets, life jackets and helmets) before hopping aboard one of our buses for the quick drive down the road to the river. And we do mean quick as the ‘put-in’ (or start point) is literally just down the hill!  

How Long Is The Trip? 

This peaceful section of river takes us downstream for about an hour or so (depending how quickly the river is moving that day). For the first portion, the river is braided with a variety of channels. Sandbars spread out between the individual waterways. Here are the perfect spots to watch for wildlife. Eventually the braids come back together into one main river again and the pace picks up a bit for the final stretch to the take-out. 

Who Would Like The Adventure Float? 

River Floating Trip - Golden, BC

Guests looking for a mellow, relaxing river experience will be happy with the Adventure Float. It’s a time to sit back and marvel at all the natural beauty surrounding the raft. While rafters need only be at least 6 years of age and 35 pounds in weight, we expect that older rafters will appreciate the tranquility embedded in this Rocky Mountain activity.  

How To Make A Reservation? 

Reservations for any Wild Water Adventures’ river trip are easily made. Either call us directly at 1-888-647-6444 or book online via any website page. Simply click the yellow ‘Book Today’ button. 

See You on the River!


Author: Deborah Wade