Snow is falling in the Rocky Mountains, peacefully covering trees, lakes and rivers. Filling our minds are thoughts of wooshing down slopes or gliding across frozen waterways or, perhaps, just nestling up next to a warm fire with a good book. It is that Winter Wonderland time of year. Dressed up in cozy clothes, boots and mittens, summer seems a long way off. Who, really, is thinking about whitewater rafting and getting completely soaked from the refreshing waves and rapids?    Give The Gift of Experience   Perhaps people with gifts to give are thinking of whitewater rafting! What better way to give someone the gift of adventure & experience than by giving a Wild Water Adventure’s gift certificate. Pick the specific trip, or a specific dollar amount, to create the perfect gift for someone you love (or simply like!). Gift certificates are available for all trips, including our two half-day trips (Gentle Introduction to Whitewater and Whitewater Exciter), our full-length trip (Tradition with gourmet BBQ lunch) and our super adrenaline, double shot trip (Maximum Horsepower). Gift certificates for any of our packages with Lake Louise Gondola or Golden Skybridge are also available.   The process couldn’t be easier. Purchase directly from our website (click the yellow Gift Certificate button on the bottom of any website page) or call us at 1-888-647-6444.  To have all the information emailed directly to you, rather than the recipient, simply enter your email address twice, into both fields. Print up the information right at home and then wrap accordingly. Afterwards, the lucky recipient calls us to make an actual reservation for a specific date and trip. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!    Canyon Lights in North Vancouver   For those in the Lower Mainland, head out to enjoy the Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. There’s a way to win not only a rafting trip for 4 on one of our river adventures, but an entire 4-day Rocky Mountain holiday courtesy of our friends at Cathedral Mountain Lodge. Follow the snowy owls throughout the property and enter to win this fabulous grand prize experience.        From all of us here at Wild Water Adventures, we wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  May your celebration be filled with love and lots of laughter! See You On The River Next Summer.     Author: Deborah Wade


Hello, Rafters!  Thank you for another amazing season of whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River.  2021 sure threw us some curveballs but we rafted, together, with smiles on our faces and glee in our hearts. It is, after all, so very easy to have fun white water rafting in Banff on the river no matter Mother Nature’s mood.  Because of COVID-19, we once again had a late start to the season. Rather than mid-May, we were on the river by mid-June and quickly greeted with super-high water levels. The heat dome of 2021 rapidly melted snow in the alpine, causing it to gush down the mountainsides to the river. Not once, but twice this year, we had to either re-schedule our BIG whitewater trips or re-locate departures to a safer section of the river. The Kicking Horse was not just kicking but bucking like a world-class Calgary Stampede bronco!  Then the forest fires arrived, and the smoke. A lightning strike on nearby Mount Hunter, just a few kilometres down the highway from the RiverBase, put the entire crew on alert. Fortunately, after burning for a couple of weeks, the BC Wildfire Service took proactive action and performed a controlled burn, taking away most of the fire’s fuel.   Filling the air for days and weeks on end was dense and eerie smoke not only from our neighbourhood wildfire, but also from fires north, south, and west of us. It wasn’t until the temperatures dropped and some rain returned that blue skies and rocky mountains were admired once again.  Thank You! Despite all these challenges (and another season of COVID-19 face coverings), all guests remained enthusiastic and arrived at the RiverBase determined to have fun. The crew of Wild Water Adventures sincerely thanks each and every guest for spending time with us on the Kicking Horse River, sharing lively conversations and hearty laughs!   2022 Season If looking to return next year, our 2022 roster offers an array of ‘mild to wild’ rafting options and adventure activity packages. Keep in mind, also, that different times of the rafting season offer different river experiences. High water season runs late May through early July; mid-water season from mid-July through mid-August; and low water season, with its demanding technical rafting, runs mid-August through early September.  OPENING DAY FOR NEXT SEASON:  SATURDAY, MAY 21ST!   For further information on any of our trips or packages, we are only a telephone call away (even in the off-season!).  The Wild Water Crew (Josh, Andrew, Marcie, Carlos, Simon, Mike, Austin, Landon, Juan, Andrew, Dickie, Dan, Jessie, Kate, Paige, Wade, Diana, Amanda, and Deborah) all look forward to seeing everyone on the river, again, next season.   Wild Water Adventures  Toll-Free: 1-888-647-6444  Email:  info@wildwater.com  Rafting The Kicking Horse Since 1992    Author: Deborah Wade

Golden Skybridge & Rafting Package

Wild Water Adventures is pleased to announce our newest adventure package:  Across The Bridge & Down The River. In partnership with Golden Skybridge, guests can now enjoy two (yes, 2!) of Golden, BC’s most popular attractions and experiences. First, raft down the Kicking Horse River, with its famous waves and rapids. Next, walk across bridges suspended more than 400-feet above the ground (or, vice versa)! From two different perspectives, marvel at the natural beauty found on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies.  Join Wild Water Adventures first for either the half-day Gentle or Whitewater Exciter rafting trip. Afterward, spend the other half of the day walking across Canada’s highest suspension bridges.  River Rafting Options   Guests choose between ‘mild or wild’ whitewater rafting options on the Kicking Horse River. For families with children aged 8 years and older, our bouncy and splashy Gentle trip is an ideal introduction to whitewater rafting. For those at least 12 years of age (and 90 pounds in weight), the Whitewater Exciter offers non-stop BIG whitewater action from start to finish. A great rafting near Calgary experience! Are Reservations Required? Yes!  Reservations are definitely needed. For the rafting portion of the package, a specific rafting date, trip, and departure time must be booked in advance. For the Golden Skybridge portion, a specific date is also required. How To Purchase Your Adventure Activity Package To make a reservation for this new activity package, simply call us directly at 1-888-647-6444.  The office is open 8 AM through 8 PM daily (Mountain Standard Time). We look forward to seeing everyone on the river, and the bridges, sometime soon!     Author: Deborah Wade


Adventure activities for groups

Whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River is fun for groups, large or small. Bring your gathering of friends, family or colleagues for a day of fantastic waves, amazing scenery and heaps of laughter. Wild Water Adventures can accommodate any number of rafters, whether there are 8, 58, or 108 in your reservation. Family groups, corporate groups, social, wedding, work and school groups (just to name a few) all benefit from reduced fares.   Here are the most important pieces of information to know when planning a group adventure activities and rafting near Calgary experience with Wild Water Adventures.  Trip Options:  Group discounts are available for the entire Wild Water Adventures roster. Choose from the half-day Gentle or Whitewater Exciter, the full-length Tradition with lunch, or the double-shot Maximum Horsepower.  ** Lunch upgrade options are available for morning (8:45 AM) Gentle and Whitewater Exciter trips.  Please Note that minimum age and weight criteria apply to all rafting groups:   Gentle:   8 years of age and 50 pounds in weight  Whitewater Exciter:  12 years of age and 90 pounds in weight  Tradition:   12 years of age and 90 pounds in weight  Maximum Horsepower:  16 years of age and 100 pounds in weight   Group Discounts:  Rafting discounts are available for groups with a minimum of 8 rafters.  8 to 15 Rafters:             10% off rafting fares  16 or more Rafters:      15% off rafting fares                                            50 or more Rafters:     ** Call Us Directly About Pricing & Exclusive Departures **  Wedding and Birthday Groups:  To help celebrate an extra special day, we offer extra special discount arrangements for Birthday, Stag, Stagette and entire Wedding Party rafting trips.  Wedding Planners are welcome to contact us directly to chat about specific wedding party considerations.   4 to 7 Rafters:              Bride or Groom or Birthday Rafter receives a 25% Discount  8 to 15 Rafters:            Bride or Groom or Birthday Rafter rafts for FREE  16 or More Rafters:     Option A:  Bride or Groom or Birthday Rafter rafts for FREE                                            Plus Rest of group receives 10% Discount;    Or                                        Option B:  Bride and Groom both raft for FREE  Corporate Groups:  For even larger corporate groups, with 50 or more enthusiastic rafters, we are happy to work together, one on one.  Let’s make a day out of the office that much more fun and rewarding. In addition to rafting, we can build transportation and lunch options into your exclusively designed Play Day package so that all anyone need do is show up and have fun during your group adventure activities!  Inquiries, Reservations and Cancellations:  For further information or to make a reservation, simply call us directly at 1-888-647-6444. Payment in full, by credit card, is required at the time of booking. Cancellations require a minimum of 7 days’ notice prior to the reserved date of departure. Any cancellations or changes made to a reservation within the final 7 days prior to trip departure, or no-shows on the actual day of rafting, are non-refundable. ** Larger groups may have slightly different payment arrangements but the 7-day cancellation policy remains in effect.    Rafting together in a group, for any type of reason, is fun. Pure and simple. Join us this summer for some Golden white water rafting fun or even start planning your white water rafting in Banff group adventure for next summer.  It’s never too early to think about adventure activities and white water rafting in BC!    See you soon on the river!      Author: Deborah Wade

A Beginner’s Guide To River Rafting 

Whitewater rafting is fun, exciting, and exhilarating. It is also a fabulous way to experience wilderness and see spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery from a different perspective.  Many of our guests are new to rafting and keen to see what all the hubbub is about. Let’s answer some commonly asked questions in our beginner’s guide to river rafting so to make everyone feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their upcoming Kicking Horse River rafting adventure.   Do I need to know how to swim?  No. Guests, however, should be comfortable around moving water and be prepared to get splashed (it is river rafting, after all!). In addition to wetsuits, neoprene booties, spray jackets, and helmets, Wild Water Adventures also provides government-approved life jackets. A comprehensive safety briefing is conducted at the river’s edge before rafting begins. Be sure to pay attention to this briefing and to your guide once on the raft.   What do I need to bring?  Guests need only bring a few items from home:  Bathing suit (to wear under the wetsuit) Towel (for changing afterward back at the River Base)      How big are the rapids?  All trips have Class 2 & 3 waves and rapids. This translates into bouncy and splashy whitewater that spills over the sides of the rafts. For this reason, the Gentle trip makes for a perfect introduction to whitewater rafting with its ‘mild to moderate’ wave action.  Our other trips also have Class 4 whitewater. This is the BIG stuff that produces BIG waves. Rafters will definitely get soaked in this kind of whitewater. The half-day Whitewater Exciter, full-length Tradition, and double-run Maximum Horsepower trips all raft the Class 4 ‘wild’ section of the river for which the Kicking Horse is famous.  How many people are on a raft?  Our rafts hold a maximum of 8 guests, plus a guide. The raft is set up so that the guide sits in the middle, in a rowing position, with 4 guests in front and 4 guests behind. Our rafts are ‘self bailers’ which means when water lands in the raft, it drains away naturally without the need for guests to bail with a bucket.  Will I fall out of the raft?  Every guide’s mission is to keep all rafters in the raft! Guests who listen to their guide and hold on when told to hold on have a really good chance of staying in the raft for the entire trip. For those statistically minded, of the 10,000 guests, on average, we take rafting each summer, only 30 or so unexpectedly fall out of the raft (because they usually are not holding on). The moral of the story: Listen to your guide and hold on!  What happens if I do fall out of the raft?  Rafters in the water travel at the exact same speed as the raft itself. They do not get swept away. Anyone who unexpectedly finds themself in the water for a refreshing swim will stay close to the raft and be easily pulled back in by the other rafters. The safety talk at the beginning of the trip explains exactly what to do if such a rare and refreshing event occurs.  Can I wear my eye-glasses on the trip?  For guests who wear prescription glasses and sunglasses, we do have a supply of safety straps available for sale at the River Base. Or, bring your own to prevent your glasses from falling in the river.  Can I bring my camera?  No. Cameras and cell phones stay safe (and dry) at the River Base while guests are on the river. Throughout the trip, our crew takes a variety of photographs that will be on display and available for sale afterward. We also have a limited amount of GoPro Hero cameras for rent, or helmets with GoPro mountings for those who wish to bring along their own GoPro camera.       Is there anything to eat at the River Base?  Yes. Our full-length Tradition automatically includes a gourmet packed lunch served back at the River Base e after the trip. Guests joining us for a morning (8:45 AM) Gentle or Whitewater Exciter departure can upgrade to also enjoy the gourmet BBQ lunch. Hot and cold beverages are always served after every trip and pop, chips, and granola bars are available for sale as well.    Where is the River Base? All trips depart from our River Base, conveniently located on TransCanada Highway #1, 45 minutes west of Lake Louise and 20 minutes east of Golden. This is the location where all guests are to arrive at either 8:45 AM or 1:45 PM. For GoogleMap directions, simply click here.  Once at the RiverBase, Wild Water Adventures provides transportation to and from the river put-in and take-out locations. Just a short distance from Calgary, we offer the perfect rafting near Calgary experience.      For answers to more questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. To chat further about any trip detail or question, please simply call us directly at 1-888-647-6444.   See you soon on the river!  Author: Deborah Wade   

Welcome To The 2021 Rafting Season!

Welcome back to the river!  The 2021 whitewater rafting season kicked off in grand style last month. The Wild Water crew was so happy to be back on the Kicking Horse River and moving about the RiverBase.  Although the season started later than usual, we now are up and running and having loads of fun with our guests.    2021 Heat Dome     After only four weeks into the season, the biggest challenge by far has been water levels. The heat dome of 2021 melted alpine snow in record quantities, feeding the river till it almost burst its banks. Locals in the area say they’d never seen the rivers so high. Some trips did require us to change which section of river we ran because the BIG whitewater of the Kicking Horse River was simply too big!  Water levels have come down and we are rafting the usual sections of the river once again.  We greatly appreciate the understanding and flexibility shown by our guests while Mother Nature threw us some curveballs.       Highway Construction    Just west of the RiverBase, on the TransCanada Highway, a mammoth construction project is underway. While there were daytime closures of the TransCanada Highway earlier in the year, only night-time closures are in effect during July, August, and the first half of September.  There is no need for guests to detour through Kootenay National Park and Radium on Highways 93 and 95 in order to reach the RiverBase.  Please continue to follow GoogleMap’s step-by-step instructions.   Nightly closures of the highway between the RiverBase and the town of Golden take place between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, Sunday night through Friday morning.  Please refer to the Kicking Horse Canyon construction website for further details.    COVID-19     Wild Water Adventures continues to adhere to its extensive COVID-19 protocols established last year. Guests are kindly reminded to bring their own face covering to wear while at the RiverBase and on our shuttle buses. Face coverings, however, will not be worn while rafting. Please also bring along a small Ziploc bag for dry storage of your face covering while on the river.     Trip Cancellation Insurance    Wild Water Adventures has partnered with Tugo Travel Insurance. If interested in purchasing trip cancellation insurance, simply click here for further details.     COMING SOON!  Later this month, Wild Water Adventures will be announcing a new adventure package in partnership with Golden Skybridge.  Guests can raft either the Gentle or Whitewater Exciter and receive entrance tickets to Golden’s newest attraction. Stayed tuned!    Please simply call us at 1-888-647-6444  if there are any questions.   The office is open daily from 8 AM through 8 PM.    The 2021 crew is looking forward to seeing everyone soon on the river.       Author: Deborah Wade


Kicking Horse River history

River rafting in British Columbia has a long and well-established history.  Companies offering both multi-day wilderness expeditions and action-packed day trips have run guests down a multitude of BC rivers for close to 50 years.  The first commercial rafting outfit in British Columbia, in fact, Canada, was Canadian River Expeditions, founded in 1972 by Big John Mikes.  CRE specialized (and continues to specialize) in multi-day wilderness rafting expeditions in remote pockets of the province and territories.    The first-ever day-tripping company was none other than Kumsheen in 1973, setting up shop on the banks of the Thompson River.  This rafting destination remains a popular whitewater escape for those near Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Kicking Horse River History   Closer to the Rockies, near Golden and Lake Louise, the Kicking Horse River and valley has its own cultural and rafting history. Because of the steepness and dramatic elevation changes of the Kicking Horse River, Indigenous Stoney (Nakoda), Piegan and Kootenay (Ktunaxa) tribes chose to seasonally cross the mountains at gentler and more accessible locations.  McArthur Pass, near Lake O’Hara, and Lake Minnewanka, near Banff, offered much less challenging routes from one side of the mountains to another.   In 1858, the Canadian government announced the building of a railway to connect together eastern and western Canada. The Palliser Expedition was commissioned to locate the best possible route.  The obvious choice was Yellowhead Pass, near Jasper. It had the least amount of elevation change through the mountains.  The Kicking Horse Pass, historically known by First Nations as Wapta Pass, was not recommended at all.  The government, however, decided for two reasons that the treacherously steep Wapta Pass was the best option. It was the shortest route through the mountains (so likely would be the least costly); and, it was the most southern option, closest to the American border.  How Did The River Get Its Name?   During the Palliser expedition, Dr. James Hector was kicked by his horse and knocked unconscious (see where this is going?).  Given the national significance of the expedition’s mission and the doctor’s astounding recovery, both the river and pass were re-named from Wapta to Kicking Horse to commemorate this near-death event.   Rafting The Kicking Horse River   100 years or so later, in 1983, the Kicking Horse was rafted for the first time (modern rafting that is, compared to Huckleberry Finn style of rafting).  Local whitewater rafters, Linda and Daryl, made the actual first descent proving that certain sections were commercially runnable.     About 10 years later, in 1992, Wild Water Adventures popped onto the scene. The river quickly became known for its big whitewater action with Class 2 through Class 4+ waves and rapids. Besides the whitewater, guests also had the chance to see the river just as the early explorers did. With a wild and free-running river and largely untouched wilderness, guests experienced history first hand. Nothing much had changed in the past 150 years. The only new feature was the railway! Over the past 30 seasons, our rafts have run thousands upon thousands of guests down the Kicking Horse River. Many guests, known as Frequent Paddlers, return year after year to experience the true ‘kick’ of this river. Wild Water Adventures extends a heartfelt invitation for enthusiastic guests to step back in time and create their own Kicking Horse history. See you soon on the river!     

We Are Still In This Together: 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

It is 2021 and COVID-19 is still a hot topic. Every day we all continue to keep our distance, wash our hands frequently and wear increasingly colourful face coverings. We have all done a tremendous job … and deserve to blow off some steam!   We here at Wild Water Adventures cannot wait to welcome everyone back to the river. It has been a long winter and we are ready for some fun!  Soon the crew will gather, the RiverBase scrubbed from top to bottom and the rafts prepped and pumped.  Back by popular demand, this season will be the well-thought-out COVID-19 protocols established in 2020. If the last two years proved anything, it was how well everyone respected and adhered to provincial health guidelines. Each and every guest knew in advance what to expect upon arrival at the RiverBase and took their own responsibilities seriously.  We are so proud of this effort.  This season will be no different. The same well-entrenched protocols and measures, as outlined in 2020’s blog, remain in effect again for both guests and crew to follow. 2021 COVID-19 Protocols   Please be sure to familiarize yourselves with Wild Water Adventures‘ COVID-19 protocols, before arriving at the RiverBase:    Remain at home if a) feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of COVID-19; b) have been in contact with anyone else who is unwell or displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or c) have returned to Canada in the past 14 days. Guests will be screened before entering the RiverBase.  Guests will be required to sign a declaration of health and release of liability waiver, as well as agree to contact tracing.  Kindly provide your own face covering(s), and a small Ziploc bag, for when a 2-meter distance is not possible with other guests and crew. Face coverings must be worn by all when in the change rooms and travelling by bus between the RiverBase and the river (crew included).  Face coverings will not be worn on the rafts due to river safety. While on the river, face coverings will be stored in your own Ziploc bag and kept in the pocket of your spray jacket.  Please have your bathing suit on before arriving at the RiverBase to make changing into rafting gear more efficient. Personal clothing and items not needed on the river will be kept in your own vehicle. A cloth or plastic bag will be useful to keep such belongings organized. Car keys will be locked in a safe at the RiverBase.  For added warmth and comfort while on the river, we recommend bringing a polar fleece sweater(s) and/or polypropylene layer(s) to wear on top of the wetsuit. Do NOT bring cotton sweatshirts (they are useless when wet and will only keep you cold).  Post-trip snacks on half-day trips, regrettably, will not be available this year. Hot beverages, however, will be served after each trip, back at the RiverBase. Lunch for the Tradition will be served, as usual, after rafting is completed. Menu items and presentation may require adjustment depending on provincial health regulations. It is a good idea to bring your own water bottles and water supply. Wild Water Adventures will not be able to top up water bottles.  Guests will handle and touch only the equipment provided directly to them, and not handle equipment provided to other guests. In other words, please keep your hands on your own gear!  Pack along your own hand sanitizer to complement provisions at the RiverBase. Be prepared to regularly clean and sanitize your hands!  Maintain a 2-meter (6-foot) physical distance at all times from guests who are not part of your cohort family or group.  Credit and debit payment is preferred for souvenir items and trip photographs purchased at our gift shop.  As always, bring along an adventurous spirit and a smile on your face!  A guest not in compliance with any of these protocols, unfortunately, will not be able to raft.  Wild Water Adventures’ Implemented Safety Measures:  Monitor the health of the crew on a daily basis  Enforce physical distancing  Use of PPE where recommended  Reduce the number of touchpoints and increase cleaning of remaining touchpoints  Wild Water staff are trained on enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures  Guests and staff alike must adhere to Wild Water Adventures‘ policies and procedures  A full list of the company-specific COVID-19 measures will be posted at the Wild Water front desk.  We Can Still Do This   We hope life will be more familiar in 2022.  For now, however, we continue to kindly ask for each guest’s cooperation to support our COVID-19 measures.  Comments left on our TripAdvisor page over the last two seasons offer lovely insights into the effectiveness of everyone’s efforts.  Please feel free to call (1-888-647-6444) or float us an email (info@wildwater.com) if there are any questions.  We are so looking forward to seeing everyone on the river this summer.    Author: Deborah Wade


British Columbia staycations offer endless possibilities for summer fun and adventure. Beyond Vancouver and the BC Interior are the towering mountains, high alpine trails and turquoise-hued rivers and lakes of the Rocky Mountains. This seemingly far-off region of BC is actually not that far off. Within a day’s drive of the Lower Mainland, summer road-trippers can easily be in this stunning region, taking in new and exciting experiences.  Top of the list of summer things to do in the Rocky Mountains is whitewater rafting. What is the most exciting river in British Columbia, with the biggest and wildest waves and rapids? The answer is the infamous Kicking Horse River, near Golden, BC. During high water season (late May to early July), this river truly ‘kicks’ with Class 2 through Class 4+ wild whitewater. Class 2, 3 and 4 waves remain consistent as the higher peaks of the Rockies offer alpine snowmelt throughout the summer. It is definitely worth the drive to the Rockies for this world-class whitewater rafting experience.  Rafters, certainly, can drive straight through to the RiverBase from the Lower Mainland for their scheduled trip. But why not take the time to truly appreciate the majesty of the Rockies? Below is a multi-day Rocky Mountain itinerary that includes rafting and so much more. Customize your staycation by adding in as many days as desired. Day #1  The goal today is Kamloops … and beyond! By striking out early in the day from the Lower Mainland, visitors can be in Kamloops for lunch. A cornucopia of food trucks offers an international selection of flavours for growling tummies. Stop by one of the many craft breweries, cideries or distilleries for supplies to enjoy later in the evening, once the day’s drive is done. Carry on northward from Kamloops along Highway 5 towards the picturesque mountain towns of Blue River and Valemount for the night. Valemount and the Robson Valley are approximately 3 hours from Kamloops.   Day #2  From Valemount, and along Highway 16 East, strike out into one of BC’s crown jewels: Mount Robson Provincial Park. As the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, glacier-clad Mount Robson towers over forests, alpine lakes and an abundance of trails. If hiking to Berg Lake, be sure to make trail reservations before leaving home.  Farther down the highway, next door in Alberta, is Jasper National Park. Remember to advance watches by one hour and to purchase a Park pass. The town of Jasper boasts a wide selection of accommodations, campgrounds and restaurants. Later in the evening, look up and marvel at the night sky. There is a very good reason why Jasper is designated as a Dark Sky Preserve.    Day #3  Southbound from Jasper is one of the world’s most spectacularly scenic drives: the Icefields Parkway. Although only 230km in length, an entire day is needed to journey from one end to the other. With travelling through the heart of the Rocky Mountains, be sure to have plenty of storage room on the camera for photographs. Remember also to fill up the gas tank before leaving Jasper. With pre-arranged reservations at Kicking Horse Campground, in Yoho National Park, there is no worry about where to sleep tonight. Take your time and enjoy the drive.    Day #4  Today is the day for whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River! Just down the road from the campground, is the Wild Water Adventures RiverBase.  Join the crew of Wild Water Adventures and experience the biggest and wildest whitewater in the Rockies. Choose from half-day or full-length trips to satisfy ‘mild to wild’ whitewater preferences. The Whitewater Exciter is non-stop BIG whitewater action while the Gentle is the ideal introduction to whitewater rafting (perfect for families and rafters who want to get ‘splashed’ rather than soaked!). The full-length Tradition combines the two shorter trips together to maximize the entire river experience. The double-shot Maximum Horsepower is two runs down the big whitewater section, in two different types of rafts! Trips are offered daily, mid-May through mid-September. Minimum age and weights apply for all trips. Don’t forget to make your rafting reservation before leaving home. Trips do sell out well in advance. After Golden white water rafting, which can include lunch, a short 20-minute drive along TransCanada Highway #1 brings visitors to the charming town of Golden.  Nestled between the Rockies and Selkirks, and between the Kicking Horse and Columbia rivers, Golden provides small-town charm with all the local amenities. Day #5  From Golden, the drive back towards Kamloops and the Lower Mainland is straightforward. Simply take TransCanada highway #1 due west. At Kamloops, either continue on the TransCanada (travelling through the Fraser Canyon) or divert to Highway #5 (Coquihalla). Remember to adjust watches back to Pacific Standard Time at Roger’s Pass.  Spending time in the Rockies requires very little travel time from other regions of British Columbia. Stunning mountain and river landscapes are but a day’s drive away. Upon arrival, each visitor then has a tough decision to make: How long should I stay? Please travel responsibly during your regional staycation.    We look forward to seeing everyone on the river soon!    Author: Deborah Wade