Banff White Water Rafting

Planning Your Banff White Water Rafting Vacation

Banff Activities & Area Attractions

Going to or from Wild Water Adventures RiverBase, there are plenty of stops, ranging from a few minutes to several hours, that you may want to fit into your agenda as you prepare for the best white water rafting Banff has to offer!


LAKE LOUISE: If you have time, be sure to visit the iconic view of Lake Louise and the famous Chateau Lake Louise (where you’ll also find Wild Water Adventures office kiosk in the lobby). There is an easy walk at the Lake that takes you behind the Canoe Docks and up to a lovely view point. If you have more time, take the walk around the shores of the Lake, or perhaps head up to the Lake Agnes Tea House, where you’ll be rewarded with not only some tasty snacks for purchase and enjoyment at the top, but unbeatable views of the Lake, the Chateau and the surrounding mountains.


Moraine Lake: You may also wish to visit Moraine Lake, another emerald-coloured mountain lake popular with visitors. In the village of Lake Louise, a small assortment of food and retail shops are there for your enjoyment. If you are in the mood for a great breakfast (the”Trailhead” Burrito is our favourite!), lunch or simply a latte, we highly recommend the Trailhead Café. The Bakery just next door offers plenty of tasty and quick options for food from breakfast to late lunch.

Roadside Stops Along The Way

Between Lake Louise and our RiverBase, there are plenty of things worth exploring. The town of Field is fun, funky and eclectic with plenty of B&B’s, and local artisans. If looking for a quick bite, try the General Store for tasty sandwiches and yummy baked goods!


EMERALD LAKE is a 15 minute drive off the TransCanada Highway (TCH) and is well worth the drive. You can canoe on the lake or take a lovely walk around its perimeter. If you are still in the mood for more water activities, rent a canoe and paddle the shores…spectacular!


NATURAL BRIDGE is just off the TCH and on the way to Emerald Lake, you can see where the Kicking Horse River has slowly eroded the softer layers of strata to leave a “bridge” of erosion-resistant rock spanning the river. This area was very popular with Canada’s First Nations peoples as it provided a safe and easy way to cross the cold and mighty waters of the Kicking Horse.


TAKAKKAW FALLS is Canada’s 2nd highest waterfall and is about 15 minutes off of the TCH. You can walk right to the base of the falls, or simply view the falls from the parking area. On the way to the falls, stop at “The Meeting of the Waters” where the Kicking Horse and the Yoho rivers converge. It is very interesting to see the two different coloured rivers meet and slowly merge together.


SPIRAL TUNNELS is located off the TCH between Lake Louise and Field on the Big Hill. A great place to stop if you are a “train spotter”. You’ll see the engineering and design marvel created in 1909 that now has the trains “spiralling” through two tunnels as they head up or down the Big Hill.

Directions From Banff

The drive from Banff to Wild Water Adventures RiverBase Daylodge is both easy for the driver and easy on the eyes! The scenery is spectacular and you may want to plan on a few stops either before or after your rafting trip. For driving to our RiverBase from Banff, you should allow 1hr 20mins.


Start by getting onto, and heading west on, the Trans Canada Highway #1 (TCH). After approx. 30 to 35 minutes, you’ll pass by the turnoff to Lake Louise. (There are two gas stations here should you need refueling!) Continue west on the TCH. Approximately 20 minutes from your destination of Wild Water Adventures RiverBase, you’ll pass by the small town of Field on your left hand side. Continue along the Trans Canada Highway #1.


You will be getting close to our RiverBase when you see the highway expand to four lanes and become divided with a concrete median. At this point, you will have exited Yoho National Park. Watch for a number of large billboards on the left hand side of the highway and the Wild Water Adventures signs. You’ll see a deceleration, or exit, lane on the right. Take it and slow down to make the right hand turn off the highway.


The road takes you to the right, over a small bridge with a cattle-guard on top. Continue along this road, under the highway and the bridge to the stop sign. Turn right. In approx. 200 yards, you’ll see the entry road on your left to our RiverBase. Park in the area on the right and get ready for a magnificent day on the Kicking Horse River!

Our Banff White Water Rafting Trips

Whitewater Exciter

Never been rafting before or been rafting before and want something more?


For the family or those seeking a milder river experience, this trip is ideal!


If you’ve got more time for the river, then “The Tradition” is for you.

Maximum Horsepower

When ONLY the best and most exciting will satisfy your adrenalin fix, this “Best of” the Kicking Horse River rafting experience will be your choice!


Stay for a night or two and enjoy two exceptional days of Banff river rafting in the Canadian Rockies, on the area’s best whitewater river.

Banff Lodging Partners

Banff Summer Activties

Banff Weather

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