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Canadian Rockies Area Info

Our River Base day lodge is conveniently surrounded by 4 national parks, and many mountain towns, offering an abundance of things to see and do! Whether you’re visiting Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Golden or Radium, we have localized recommendations for your Canadian Rockies Rafting experience.

Roadside Stops Along The Way to Wild Water Adventures

When driving from the east, consider planning some extra time to visit these highlights in Yoho National Park. Please note that a national park permit is required to visit any of these points of interest. Details can be found here.

Spiral Tunnels

Located off the TransCanada Highway (TCH) between Lake Louise and Field on the Big Hill. A great place to stop if you are a “train spotter”. You’ll see the engineering and design marvel created in 1909 that now has the trains “spiralling” through two tunnels as they head up or down the Big Hill. Restrooms are also located here, so it’s a great place for a fast pit stop en route to Wild Water Adventure’s River Base.

Takakkaw Falls

Canada’s 2nd highest waterfall is about 15 minutes off of the TCH. You can walk right to the base of the falls, or simply view the falls from the parking area. On the way to the falls, stop at “The Meeting of the Waters” where the Kicking Horse and the Yoho rivers converge. It is very interesting to see the two different coloured rivers meet and slowly merge together.

Natural Bridge

Located off the TCH and on the way to Emerald Lake. You can see where the Kicking Horse River has slowly eroded the softer layers of strata to leave a “bridge” of erosion-resistant rock spanning the river. This area was very popular with Canada’s First Nations peoples as it provided a safe and easy way to cross the cold and mighty waters of the Kicking Horse.

Emerald Lake

Located a 15-minute drive off the TCH and is well worth the drive. You can canoe on the lake or take a lovely walk around its perimeter. If you are still in the mood for more water activities, rent a canoe and paddle the shores…spectacular!

Canadian Rockies Rafting Trip Accommodations

Nestled among the mountains of Yoho National Park is the little village of Field, British Columbia. It’s a perfect location for a quiet and cozy mountain getaway!  Here are some of our recommendations of where to stay:

Prefer sleeping under the stars? There are some campgrounds too!


When travelling to the Rocky Mountains, there is an endless variety of things to see and do. We are happy to help make your time in the region as enjoyable as possible and have plenty of suggestions for exploring Banff, Lake Louise, Golden, Radium and the national parks. Visiting our trip planning pages below is a great first place to start.


Banff, Alberta in a mountain town established in the 1880s and located within Banff National Park. It is about a 1 hour and 20-minute drive from our River Base and an exciting Banff white water rafting experience. It’s a small town that is easy to get around by foot or public transit. Banff really has it all: outdoor adventure, heritage attractions, shopping, nightlife and more! Here are some of our favourite things to do––besides Banff white water rafting––and favourite places to stay.

Lake Louise

The village of Lake Louise, Alberta, located within Banff National Park, is about a 45-minute drive east of our River Base. Lake Louise has been a top-tier destination since the 1880s and is known for being Canada’s highest permanent settlement at an elevation of 1,536m. The village offers a wide range of activities beyond white water rafting in Lake Louise to help you connect with the outdoors. Discover some of our favourite outdoor activities and places to stay.


The closest big city and major airport to our River Base is the city of Calgary. Guests should plan for a 2-hour and 30-minute drive from Calgary to our River Base.

Situated on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a gorgeous city offering so many things to see and do! From history and museums to parks, dining, shopping, cultural events, and more, there’s no shortage of ways to plan a fun-filled day.


Located on the outskirts of Banff National Park is the town Canmore, Alberta. Canmore has moved from a sleepy, near-abandoned coal mining town to a well-renowned tourism destination. If Canmore wasn’t on your “To Do” list, it should be. Beautifully situated between the towering summits of Mount Rundle, Ha Ling, Grotto Mountain, Mountain Lady MacDonald and the Three Sisters, it is filled with a wide range of outdoor activities, shopping and great restaurants. When driving from Canmore to our River Base, plan for a 1 hour and 40-minute drive.


There are plenty of things to do and see near Radium, BC. Whether it is being out on a trail, playing on the water or enjoying galleries, shops and cafes, there is something for every visitor to enjoy. Close to the shores of Lake Windermere and surrounded by mountains (both the Rockies and the Purcells), Radium is a natural beauty nestled in the midst of the Columbia River valley. The surrounding area is a lovely place to spend time either before or after a white water rafting trip in Radium on the Kicking Horse River.


Golden, British Columbia is located 20 minutes west of our River Base. Things to do in Golden involve being in the great outdoors, not surprisingly as it’s nestled between two massive mountain ranges and two massive rivers. Whether before or after your whitewater rafting adventure in Golden, take the time to enjoy the charming attractions this cozy mountain town has to offer. 

Photo credits: Robert Massey, Tourism Canmore Kananaskis, Tourism Radium, Dave Best, Arnold Dogelis