Multi-Trip 2-Day Package

When 1 Day of Rafting Just Isn't Enough

Kicking Horse River Rafting Multi-Trip 2-Day Package

Check out our Kicking Horse River rafting multi-trip package and enjoy two exceptional days of rafting in the Canadian Rockies. Our Kicking Horse Multi-Trip 2-Day package offers the MOST whitewater rafting available along with unsurpassed rafting value! One package, two departures, on two consecutive days. 


The Kicking Horse River, being a typical ‘mountain profile’ river, offers fantastic whitewater and plenty of rapids. Running a distance of approximately 100km (62 miles), with only a few select sections navigable for commercial rafting, the Kicking Horse is ideal for day trips. Overnight ‘expedition’ style trips require longer sections of runnable river. 


Our solution for those wanting two days of Kicking Horse white water rafting combines two of our popular day-trips (Tradition and Whitewater Exciter), experienced on two back-to-back days. Rafters need only arrange their own local accommodation, from luxurious cabins to rustic camping (we’re happy to offer suggestions), then raft with us on two different departures: The Tradition on Day #1 and the Whitewater Exciter on Day #2 (or vice versa … the choice is yours!). The result is your very own unique Kicking Horse River Escape! 

Enjoy two exceptional Kicking Horse whitewater rafting trips, near Banff, on the best whitewater river in the Canadian Rockies. The Multi-Trip Package is ideal for those seeking the ultimate Banff river rafting experience.

Kicking Horse river rafting

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