Best Camping In Golden, BC – Top Golden, BC Campgrounds

Best Golden BC Campgrounds

Best Camping In Golden, BC – Top Golden, BC Campgrounds

Rafting and camping are perfectly suited to each other.  After a great trip on the river, nothing is finer than closing out the day in a quiet setting with a campfire and unlimited laughter. Golden, BC campgrounds are varied and filled with options (just like our river rafting roster!).  Pitch your tent next to a river, next to a lake, or on a plateau.  Each campground is unique and offers its own personality. When planning your next rafting experience with Wild Water Adventures, consider the following campgrounds.

1.  Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch  (GEAR)

GEAR is so much more than just a Golden, BC campground. The spacious 400-acre riverside property boasts a vast assortment of amenities and facilities, including a swimming pond and landing site for paragliders. It is an ideal holiday destination for adventurers of all ages.  Visitors can tent, plug in their RV, or even sleep in a yurt!


2. Golden, BC Municipal Campground

Best Golden, BC Campgrounds

Camp alongside the Kicking Horse River and be only a few minutes walk from charming downtown Golden.  After picking your site, saunter along the riverside trails leading to restaurants, grocery stores and the ever-popular Kicking Horse Cinema.  This site is perfect for those who love trains!


3.  Whispering Spruce Campground & RV Park

If panorama views are key requirements for your next camp spot, then look no further than Whispering Spruce. It’s one of the most beautiful Golden, BC campgrounds! Just a few minutes out of town, the campground perches on a plateau high above the Kicking Horse River. Facing southward, campers enjoy sweeping views of the vast Columbia Valley and Rocky Mountain trench. While at the campground, keep a watch out for visiting Big Horn Sheep!


4. Cedar Lake Recreation Campground

Rustic, secluded and quiet, Cedar Lake is the perfect place for minimalist camping. A myriad of hiking and biking trails surround the area, and some even lead to other tucked-away lakes. This camping location is a real treat (and my personal favourite).  Remember to bring your own water, firewood, and bathing suit!


5. Kinbasket Lake Resort

A bit further down the road from Golden, on 260-km long Kinbasket Lake, is a wilderness paradise.  With no other accommodation or facilities in sight, this remote, yet fully-serviced, campground awaits to welcome land and water lovers alike.


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