5 Reasons for Rafting in Banff this Summer

SHHH!  If you are quiet and still at this time of the year, you may just hear the sounds of  Mother Earth slowing waking to the longer days and bolder sunshine of springtime!  The rivers are soon to be flowing and here’s 5 reason’s why you ought to start making plans now for whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River this summer.

1.  RAPID TRANSIT – There are no better stretches of continuous, exhilarating, and just plain FUN waves and rapids than on the Kicking Horse River, just west of Banff and Lake Louise.  Whether a half-day or full day trip, your trip will be chock full of splashy, fun-soaked waves and is sure to create what we call, “liquid laughter”!

2.  IT’S LIKE RAFTING IN A POSTCARD – Few places ANYWHERE offer better scenery to enjoy while rafting.  Sure, it’s the waves that create the fun and the excitement, and that’s why we love to raft,  but the backdrop is just plain gorgeous in the Canadian Rockies.

3.  NO BUMPY, DUSTY ROADS – The Kicking Horse is unique in that you won’t lose your lunch on the bus ride to the river!  A few quick detours off the main Trans Canada highway is all you’ll encounter.  Some river trips ought to advertise the ride to the river as the TRUE adventure!

4.  MAKE NEW FRIENDS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE – The Wild Water team is an eclectic mix of personalities from around the world  that all share at least two things in common.  One, they love to have fun on rivers.  Two, they love sharing their love for having fun on rivers!  You can’t find better company to share a river experience with.  Professional, yet playful.

5.  ADRENALINE IS A GOOD THING – Most of us don’t get enough of a “rush” out of life anymore.  Discovering  a new “app” for your iPhone doesn’t count!   Nothing can replaces the experiences that the real world can offer us.   Rafting in Banff is just outside our front doors.  Don’t miss out!

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