28 Years Of Kicking Horse White Water Rafting Trips


It’s 2019, and that means Wild Water Adventures is in its 28th season.  That’s right!  For 28 years, guests from near and far, national and international, have joined us on the Kicking Horse River, experiencing THE best whitewater in the Canadian Rockies.  Our cozy and comfortable RiverBase has been unpacked after its long winter nap.  The hustle and bustle of daily rafting activity has returned.  It is a lively place to be.

For the Wild Water crew, the RiverBase is our summer home.  We happily travel from the far reaches of the globe to live next to the Kicking Horse River and amongst the Rocky mountains.  Towering peaks and turquoise-hued waterways welcome us back each season; glistening glaciers and frothy whitewater entice us to explore.  Playing all summer long in The Rockies is what we do best.

The crew’s arrival at the RiverBase is a good ‘ole fashioned family reunion. Ted and Liz welcome each and every one of us back with open arms.  Many crew spent time together on the slopes, on the beaches, and on fun-lovin’ road trips throughout the fall and winter, whereas some did not see each other for many months. For others, it is the first season at Wild Water.  In no time, everyone is friends and the sweet sound of laughter floats high above the RiverBase.

When not rafting, or organizing rafting trips, the Wild Water crew maximize their time in this spectacular Rocky Mountain region. At the end of the rafting day, crew are quick to get into their kayaks and head back out onto the river.  One can never spend enough time on moving water! Mountain biking is also a top favourite, as is hiking in the alpine.  There is nothing like tearing down a trail on a bicycle, or trekking up a mountain on your own two feet, to put a contented smile on your face.  The thrills and visual rewards keep us constantly going back for more.  It is, after all, what we dream about throughout the long, cold winter.

We are not the only souls who come to this region to play.  Our guests from around the world are here for exactly the same reason.  That is the beauty of river rafting … we are all here to have fun!  To meet so many incredible people, share laughter and on-river time, is a true privilege. We are very lucky to do what we do, and have our adventurous and fun-loving guests to thank for that.

This summer, we invite you to join us on the river.  Whether it be the playful whitewater of the Gentle trip, the full-length Tradition, or the BIG waves of the Whitewater Exciter and Maximum Horsepower trips, we have something for everyone. The Wild Water crew, along with the thrills and beauty of the Kicking Horse River, await your arrival.

Thank you for 28 years of fabulous fun!

28 Years Of Kicking Horse White Water Rafting Trips

Here’s to more amazing seasons of shared rafting adventures.

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Author: Deborah Wade

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