Banff National Park’s Top 9 Instagram Photos of Summer 2017

Home to wolverines, bears, moose, river rats and so much more, there is no doubt that Banff National Park is an extraordinary place. It has numerous glaciers, beautiful alpine lakes and peaks that climb over 3,600 meters (11,800ft)! Did you know that in 2015/2016, Banff saw 3,894,332 visitors? Over three million people… how many pictures is that?

So we brought our raft guides in off the river and set about sifting through 30k Instagram posts and 7,230,891 likes to find out! Then we sorted them by the most liked photos. So without further ado, here are the top ten Instagram pictures of summer 2017, sorted by the amount of likes they received!

#9. Amazing Memories With Amazing People

Photo by @parkerjferris with 42k+ likes.

A post shared by Parker Ferris (@parkerjferris) on

#8. Shrouded Gulch

Photo by @karl_shakur and regrammed by @earthfocus where it earned 48k+ likes.

#7. The Perfect Place to Escape!

This shot is by @scottcbankken and it was regrammed by @finnharries where it earned 84k+ likes!

A post shared by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on

#6. See it With Your Own Eyes!

@jamieout says this is one of those places he keeps going back to. Where do you venture back to?

This shot is from Johnston Canyon. Do you have a secret place you like to catch the sun and behold the beauty among you?

Photo was regammed by @tentree where it earned 85k+ likes!

A post shared by Jamie Justus Out (@jamieout) on

#5. Rays for Days

If you want to know the secret to getting likes on instagram you’ll have to ask @tiffpenguin. She holds the #3, #4, and #5 position for most instagram likes in Banff.

It’s another glimpse at Johnston Canyon. Imagine the time it took for the river to carve that rock!

This one was regrammed by @beautifuldestinations where it earned 199k+ likes!

A post shared by tiffany nguyen (@tiffpenguin) on

#4. Water so Blue

This mighty king of the rock is @Jasper. All we want to know is, how do you get him to pose like that?

This shot is by @tiffpenguin and it was also regrammed by @beautifuldestinations where it earned 216k+ likes!

A post shared by tiffany nguyen (@tiffpenguin) on

#3. Early Morning Wake-up Calls in the Canadian Rockies

This photo is by @tiffpenguin. It was regrammed by @beautifuldestinations where it earned 240k+ likes!

Can you see yourself here? Sipping tea/coffee watching the sun rise and set? How about waking up like this ready to conquer the Kicking Horse River!

A post shared by tiffany nguyen (@tiffpenguin) on

#2. Forever and Ever and Ever

Did you know that Moraine Lake is the most photographed location in all of Canada? How do you stand out with all the competition! Love perhaps? This shot is by @aspynovard. It’s currently up to 240k+ likes!

A post shared by ASPYN OVARD (@aspynovard) on

#1. Verdant Creek Fire

Congratulations @christopheviseux! You are the number one instagrammer for Summer 2017 in Banff National Park! @natgeo travel regrammed this shot where it earned a whopping 304k+ likes!

Honorable Mentions

40K-20K likes.

A post shared by Sony | Alpha (@sonyalpha) on

A post shared by Travel Alberta (@travelalberta) on

A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on

The data included in this post was scraped from the location tag for Banff National Park on www.instagram.com dating back to May 2017. Instagram has not expressed any permission to use the included data.

All data was aggregated and analyzed for the purpose of making the world more aware of Banff and Canada’s beauty. The above photos were gathered from users posting under the location & geotag Banff National Park.

For more information, contact us here. We won’t reveal our secret tricks to motivating our guides to sift through the posts, but we’d love to help you plan your next Banff Adventure!

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