Best Canada Whitewater Rafting – The Maximum Horsepower Trip

Looking for the biggest and best Calgary rafting adventure with the most whitewater action to be found in the Rockies?  Look no further than Wild Water Adventure’s Maximum Horsepower rafting trip on the Kicking Horse River.

The MHP, as we like to call this particular trip, definitely lives up to its name.  It is not one, but TWO runs down THE best section of whitewater the Kicking Horse River has to offer.  Rafters experience 24 exhilarating rapids and cover a total of 24 kilometres of river distance (the longest possible whitewater trip near Banff National Park!)

But the adrenaline rush does not stop there. To make this double whitewater trip even more exhilarating, rafters power downstream in two different styles of rafts. The first run, in our ever-popular 16-foot oar-rigged rafts, gives everyone a chance to warm up and get familiar with the river. For the second run, we completely change it up and launch everyone in smaller 14-foot all-paddle rafts with the guide being just another paddler. Believe you me, those two feet make a world of difference!

Best Canada Whitewater Rafting

Smaller rafts accentuate everything:  the bounces, the smashes, and the hits!  It may be the second run on the same section of river, but it will be a completely different experience.  Not only that, but everyone (and, I mean everyone) will have a paddle in their hands.  100% participation is required from each and every rafter.  There is nothing finer than digging in and paddling hard when your guide hollers out commands.


The MHP is twice the whitewater action of our single-run Whitewater Exciter, and paddling is mandatory on the second run.  Because of this, every rafter must be at least 16 years old AND weigh at least 100 pounds. Muscle power, stamina, and enthusiasm for double-action whitewater are key characteristics.


Smaller boats require the Kicking Horse River to be running at a certain water level. We want to have fun, but more importantly, we want to be safe. If the water level is too high, the smaller boats are not appropriate. The 2022 MHP season kicks off July 20th, pending favourable river levels, and runs through to August 27th. Two weekly departures are offered on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Generally by the end of July and into August, the river is at the perfect level for the MHP.

Maximum Horsepower


As with all Kicking Horse rafting trips, guests are asked to bring a towel, their own bathing suit/swimming shorts and a heavy polar fleece/polypropelene sweater (for added warmth on the river). In these times of COVID-19, guests are also asked to bring a face covering and ziploc bag (for dry storage of your face covering while on the river).  Wild Water provides guests with clean, dry and sanitized wetsuits, wetsuit booties, spray jackets, life jackets, and helmets.  Even wetsuit gloves are available (a piece of gear that I personally don’t raft the Kicking Horse River without!).  Once back at the RiverBase after the second run, and in dry clothes once again, hot beverages are served and trip photographs displayed.

To Find Out More About The MHP,

Or Any Of Our Kicking Horse Rafting Adventures,

Simply Give Us a Call at 1-888-647-6444.

Maximum Horsepower

See You On The River!

Best White Water Rafting Near Calgary

Rafting The Kicking Horse Since 1992

The 2020 Season Has Begun

Author: Deborah Wade

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