Canada Rafting Trips: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Rafting Trip

Ahh, Canada rafting trips, the (potential) highlight of your summer! Your “Bucket List” still has “go whitewater rafting” unchecked. You want to go rafting with your friends or partner. You really, really do! But you don’t know where to start to find a solid and reputable company to go rafting with. All companies seem similar online and it’s tough to differentiate between them. Everyone says their river rafting trip is “the best”. What do you do?

Here are five mistakes to avoid when choosing your rafting company to go rafting with, and your river to go rafting on:

  1. Don’t go cheap! There are times to save a few bucks when making a purchase decision, and times when not to. You are going down a difficult stretch of whitewater, with a guide and company you don’t know, and putting your faith in their abilities to do so safely. Does this seem like a wise time to penny-pinch? NO! Spend the extra…it will be worth it to get the best.
  2. Don’t get oversold! Make sure you get the trip to suit your adventure level, not the trip that best suits the needs of the company’s profitability! Many companies have different “difficulty levels” so choose the one that “speaks” to you. Rivers and rapids are given a rating from class 1 to 6, depending on difficulty to navigate…this is not a “fun” scale, so don’t confuse it! Some people may well be cut out for enjoying life on the edge and need to raft class 4 or 5 rapids in order to get the most fun from their rafting experience. Others may get more enjoyment from an easier stretch of river, like class 2 or 3, for example, with more of a focus on scenery or better suited for a family. Listen to your inner voice when making the decision and don’t be easily swayed by the voice on the other end of the phone!
  3. Don’t go corporate! Go with a company whose owners are “hands-on” in day-to-day operations. This will ensure a higher standard of service, and should you have issues, you’ll be dealt with in a more personal manner. Bigger companies may only have a manager to address your concerns, and some “managers” are simply the guide who has been with the company the longest on the day you choose to go. Also, companies whose owners are actually raft guides or “river people” generally run the best companies and typically invest more time to hire the best staff.
  4. Don’t expect perfection! Sure, you always see blue skies and warm weather on the brochure pictures, but as we know, weather in the outdoors, particularly when rafting in the Canadian Rockies or Alaska as examples, can fluctuate greatly. What will the company do if the weather is less than ideal? Rafting trips typically go rain or shine, but will they have ample gear to keep you warm? How new is their gear and how well is it maintained? Ensure you choose an operator that is prepared to make your day nearest to perfect, even if the weather conditions are not!
  5. Don’t change outside! Most quality companies these days have invested in comfortable facilities so that you can change into your rafting equipment in privacy, warmth and comfort. The days of changing outside and beside the river are long gone…or should be! Don’t be sold that it is “part of the experience” to be required to get half naked outside. Ask anyone who has changed into their swimsuit or a wetsuit on a chilly morning beside the river if that moment did anything to enhance their trip! Not likely. Make sure you choose an operator who understands your desire for modern comforts.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be on the right path to making a great decision on choosing the right rafting company and the right river to raft on. Simply put, if you or your group are thinking about Canada rafting trips and where to begin, let us help you plan your trip! See our list of Canada rafting trips here! Call us today or book online. Then, check “whitewater rafting” off that Bucket List!

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