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Give the Gift of Adventure to a Graduate!

Whether they’re nearing the high school finish line and getting ready for college, or crossing the stage with their hard-earned degree. The graduates in your life deserve something beyond mass printed grad cards and money.  They deserve something worth remembering.

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Rafters on the Kicking Horse River

Gone are the days spent staying up all night to finish the 30-page paper, or studying for the big exam. Summer is here, and it’s time for the hard-working student to blow off some steam and take a reprieve before the next chapter unfolds. What better way to feel the relief and reward than with letting out some cheers and getting the adrenaline pumping on a Kicking Horse River rafting trip.

A gift from you to your special graduate should be something they will cherish forever. Something that will surely put a grin on their face and reward their hard work throughout their schooling. Give the gift of an adventure!

Here are 3 reasons why a gift for Kicking Horse River Rafting will be the best grad gift you can give:

  1.  It doesn’t take any kind of degree to know that an adventure outdoors and on the water is an adventure worth having. Students spend months inside, stuck behind a desk or in the library watching the seasons change. When spring and summer come and the air begins to warm while life returns, those long looks outside begin to last even longer. Students need fresh air in their life, to smell the trees around them and to feel the warmth of the sun with the coolness of the water. Kicking Horse River Rafting trips allow them to experience it all!
  2.  The biggest relief has just been lifted from the student’s shoulders – it is time to scream and cheer to their heart’s content. Unlike parents, raft guides don’t care how loud you are (in fact they encourage it!). It’s better to let your kids get loud on the river than in your basement throwing a house party to celebrate the milestone.
  3. Rafting is one of those things on everybody’s bucket list. Help your graduate check off a dream and be recognized as one of those “cool parents”. Your son or daughter doesn’t need a check from the folks, they will be asking for plenty of $$$ after the summer, once college or their real life starts.  Stick with giving an adventure.  It is a gift that is unique to them, memorable and unexpected. Unlike the watch you were considering buying them, which they won’t appreciate (we all have phones) – stick with the bucket list.  It’s a safe call.
  4. A trip rafting the Kicking Horse River will keep your grads smiling and riding the high of their achievements. They have worked hard for this and deserve an adventure that rewards that.  Heck! If you are lucky they will bring you too, as a thank you for putting up with them for all of those years!
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Cheers to the Grads of 2017!!!

Kicking Horse River happy Rafters

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