Kicking Horse River Rafting and all the Waterfalls It Has To Offer

Waterfalls on the Kicking Horse River

Kicking horse river rafting is an exciting, adrenaline pumping activity that everyone needs to experience. Not only is floating fun, but there are also some great landmarks that are must sees. Today we’re going to spill some local insights about the three waterfalls on the Kicking Horse River.

Two of the falls have official trails and are popular destinations for tourists, as they make for great photo opportunities. Let’s just say that you won’t be whitewater rafting on these falls–but they are worth checking out.

Wapta Falls

This is one of Yoho National Park’s largest waterfalls. Named by the First Nations who lived in the region, it was supposedly the location in 1858 where the Kicking Horse River got its name. It is 100 feet high (30 metres) and nearly 500 feet wide (150 metres), surrounded by mountain peaks. You can reach this waterfall by hike. It’s 2.3 km each way on a gravel road, a short hike to be enjoyed in less than a few hours.

The Kicking Horse Cascade

Formed by rocks strewn randomly, the water flows over and between the obstacles on this treacherous stretch of the river. It’s located just below the first highway crossing of the river near Wapta Lake. It’s a picturesque place, if a bit tumultuous and chaotic.

Natural Bridge Falls

The Natural Bridge is a rock formation that the Kicking Horse slips through as it makes its way onward. It can be reached by hiking near Emerald Lake, and is a great example of how water can shape rock over time. The Natural Bridge also serves as an access point to the Kicking Horse Fire Road trail, which leads to what’s called the “Meeting of Waters”: the place where the Amiskwi River and the Emerald River merge with the Kicking Horse River. It’s a popular trail for hikers and cross-country bikers.





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