Hello, Rafters! 

Thank you for another amazing season of whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River. 

2021 sure threw us some curveballs but we rafted, together, with smiles on our faces and glee in our hearts. It is, after all, so very easy to have fun white water rafting in Banff on the river no matter Mother Nature’s mood. 

Thank You, Rafters!Because of COVID-19, we once again had a late start to the season. Rather than mid-May, we were on the river by mid-June and quickly greeted with super-high water levels. The heat dome of 2021 rapidly melted snow in the alpine, causing it to gush down the mountainsides to the river. Not once, but twice this year, we had to either re-schedule our BIG whitewater trips or re-locate departures to a safer section of the river. The Kicking Horse was not just kicking but bucking like a world-class Calgary Stampede bronco! 

Thank You, Rafters!Then the forest fires arrived, and the smoke. A lightning strike on nearby Mount Hunter, just a few kilometres down the highway from the RiverBase, put the entire crew on alert. Fortunately, after burning for a couple of weeks, the BC Wildfire Service took proactive action and performed a controlled burn, taking away most of the fire’s fuel.  

Filling the air for days and weeks on end was dense and eerie smoke not only from our neighbourhood wildfire, but also from fires north, south, and west of us. It wasn’t until the temperatures dropped and some rain returned that blue skies and rocky mountains were admired once again. 

Thank You!

Thank You, Rafters!Despite all these challenges (and another season of COVID-19 face coverings), all guests remained enthusiastic and arrived at the RiverBase determined to have fun. The crew of Wild Water Adventures sincerely thanks each and every guest for spending time with us on the Kicking Horse River, sharing lively conversations and hearty laughs!


2022 Season

Thank You, Rafters!If looking to return next year, our 2022 roster offers an array of ‘mild to wild’ rafting options and adventure activity packages. Keep in mind, also, that different times of the rafting season offer different river experiences. High water season runs late May through early July; mid-water season from mid-July through mid-August; and low water season, with its demanding technical rafting, runs mid-August through early September. 



For further information on any of our trips or packages, we are only a telephone call away (even in the off-season!). 

The Wild Water Crew (Josh, Andrew, Marcie, Carlos, Simon, Mike, Austin, Landon, Juan, Andrew, Dickie, Dan, Jessie, Kate, Paige, Wade, Diana, Amanda, and Deborah) all look forward to seeing everyone on the river, again, next season. 

 Wild Water Adventures 

Toll-Free: 1-888-647-6444 

Email:  info@wildwater.com 

Rafting The Kicking Horse Since 1992 

Thank You, Rafters!Wild Water Adventures


Author: Deborah Wade

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