Skip The Grill Gear & Give Your Dad Something Wild

He’s the one who has always known how to make you smile when you’re feeling down.  He can crack the corniest of jokes and you’ll always manage to laugh.  He’s the best adventure partner, even though he thinks his socks and sandals are appropriate attire for the outdoors.  Most importantly, he’s your #1 fan and he always will be.  

He’s your Dad! One of the most influential guys in your life.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to treat the guy to a gift worthy of his special place in your life. He’s put up with a lot over the years!  Frankly he deserves recognition every day but we all know as kids, you sometimes forget to say thank you. So the time is here, and the answer is easy, give the gift of a Canadian rafting adventure to your Dad.

Here are 4 Reasons Why a Kicking Horse rafting trip is just what your Dad needs:


  1. Believe it or not, your Dad used to be just as cool as you… if not more! He played sports, went on camping trips and maybe even adventured down a whitewater river. He had a wild sense of adventure before you came along and it’s time to let him feel young again. A Canadian Rockies rafting trip will take him back to his glory days. He might even pull out the short-shorts and a bucket hat!


  1. Remember all of the mornings you were late for school and missed the bus in the morning? Or the soccer practices, music recitals and tournaments that took up all of your evenings growing up? Your Dad was there to drive you to and from, and always made sure you had your bags packed and snacks to eat. It’s Dad’s turn to get chauffeured around and not have to worry about a thing.  Once he has navigated getting here, the Wild Water Bus Drivers will take care of him on his rafting trip. It’s just like getting a limo driver for the day (a BIG YELLOW limo).


  1. You know the loud voice your Dad uses when he’s reminding you to pick up your clothes off the floor, or to get your homework done? That voice would be perfect for paddling through huge rapids while Banff river rafting. He can scream and shout, and let it all out!


  1. Whether it is in the locker room, gym or lunchroom; your Dad’s friends have to listen to him brag about your accomplishments all the time. Give the man something to brag about himself!  Instead of your soccer goals, get him talking about how he fulfilled a life goal by spending a day paddling through the best white water rafting in Canada. A rafting trip like that + the proper lingo, will have his mates listening for days!


A Kicking Horse white water rafting trip is just what your Dad needs this Father’s Day. No matter what his age is, he can always use a little adventure in his life!

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