What To Bring Kicking Horse Whitewater Rafting

Are you rafting the Kicking Horse River with Wild Water Adventures this summer?

Don’t forget to pack an appetite for adventure and a thirst for fun:

Deciding what to bring on your first rafting trip can be a bit overwhelming.  The most important element that any rafter can pack, be it a half-day whitewater trip or a multi-day trip, is the sheer desire to have fun.   If you are ready to have fun, then a smile automatically appears on your face.

For all our rafting trips, a willingness to embrace adventure, to challenge yourself against the river’s might, and our entertaining guides are all it takes to have fun!

We love our jobs, therefore, we appreciate the guests who make it possible for us to be on the river every day.  Without enthusiasm, certain features of the river might be missed or exciting details ignored.  With keen and interested eyes, a rafter can marvel at how the brilliant turquoise color of the water sparkles in the sunshine; at how big the mountains truly are; and how a river can braid out across the vastness of the valley only to narrow down again into one constricted channel.  Most importantly, when a rapid is approaching, an enthusiastic rafter will know to hold on tightly!

So yes, please remember what to bring on your trip.  But, more importantly, pack along an appetite for adventure and a thirst for fun.  Your rafting trip will be that much better for it!

What to bring on a Canadian Rockies rafting trip with Wildwater Adventures:

  1. Bathing Suit – this is the base layer to wear under the rest of the gear we provide.
  2. Towel – for changing back into your dry and comfortable land clothes after the trip.
  3. Water – for longer trips in the summer heat you’ll want to stay hydrated.
  4. Emergency Medication – where you go, your emergency medication must go. Examples include insulin, heart medication, epi-pens, and other medication that could prevent a medical issue during your trip.  Please let your guide know of your medical condition.
  5. Enthusiasm and a Smile! – we love seeing your look of excitement before the trip and your ear to ear grins after the trip!

The whitewater rafting gear we provide at no additional cost:

If your planning on whitewater rafting BC on the Kicking Horse River, inclement weather is always a factor in what to bring.  Wet, cold, and stormy conditions rarely cause cancellations.  For the purpose of comfort and safety, Wild Water Adventures provides gear during variant weather conditions and cold water temperatures at no additional fee.

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  1. Wetsuits– A neoprene wetsuit insulates and maintains body temperatures during cold days.
  2. Fleece Sweaters– Fleece (or other non-cotton insulation) helps to regulate body heat without trapping moisture in the fibers.
  3. Spray Jackets– Spray jackets work similar to a raincoat, helping to shield insulating layers from moisture absorption.
  4. Wetsuit Booties– Wetsuit booties insulate, provide grip, and provide protection for your feet.
  5. Helmets-Helmets are provided to all guests to ensure safety.
  6. Personal Floatation Device– You may know this piece of equipment as a lifejacket. The “PFD” as we call it, provides 25lbs of flotation and offers a custom fitting universal size in accordance with government regulations.

Joining us during an adventure vacation?  Wild Water Adventures has been offering Banff National Park white water rafting for 27 years! We’re proud to provide the best white water rafting in Canada.

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